The Zena Swiss Star stainless steel vegetable peeler - £4.99 + FREE Garlic Peeler until the 1st of July

Until the 1st of July you can get the Zena Swiss made stainless steel vegetable peeler for the bargain price of £4.99 instead of the RRP of £6.99 AND we will also give you a garlic peeler free!

I want to talk about peelers.

‘Peelers?’ I hear you say. Has she gone mad? Well, mad about peeling things yes! Don’t get me wrong I know we are encouraged to wash then eat the skin of vegetables and fruit, but when times call for the outer layers of food stuffs to be removed it is all too easy to take for granted the age old kitchen staple, the stainless steel vegetable peeler.

I never noticed how good our stainless steel vegetable peeler was until I was at a friend’s house and gamely offered to participate in the cooking process. This not to be mentioned friend was rather particular about their cooking and so as not to seem ungrateful set me to task with a bowl of potatoes and some strawberries which needed hulling and a small kitchen pairing knife.

For the strawberries the little knife was ideal, allowing me to make the smallest possible incision into the top and with a slight of the hand deftly remove the hull before quartering. On reaching the potatoes my heart sank. Sharp knives and Lucinda don’t really go together. One of the reasons I love the bread knife is that although the blade is incredibly sharp, there is enough distance between my fingers and the blade that accidents are fairly unlikely to occur. But a small, difficult to hold item and a sharp knife? I’m looking at trouble with a capital T and I know it.

So I ask to borrow a vegetable peeler, and I’m handed something which is possibly from the 1970’s, blunter than blunt and makes the task far more arduous then it should have been.

On my return home I corned my father and asked where we had got out vegetable peeler from as I was now intent on sending one as a gift to the friend in question.

After some research I discovered that out vegetable and potato peeler was manufactured in Switzerland where they have been made since 1947 by a company called Zena Swiss stainless steel vegetable peeler are recognised all over the world. Like many other famous Swiss products, the peeler displays those outstanding features which made the term "Swiss made" into what it is known for today: imaginative innovation, precision manufacturing, painstaking attention to detail, timeless design, longevity, a timelessness and exceptional product.

It may seem strange to get excited about a vegetable peeler, which looks like many others. But this one in our opinion is the best, we have found it works better, last longer, stays sharper, doesn’t corrode and doesn’t get blunt like some others.

We use our vegetable peeler to peel vegetables, apples, slice cheese, carrots as well as cucumbers into thin slices. (It really work like a mandolin). It is minimalist in design, but this keeps it lightweight and manoeuvrable. The carbon steel blade stays permanently sharp, and quickly and smoothly shaves off thin layers of peel, minimising waste. It has an ergonomic design and fits comfortably into the hand. While the sharp little hook on the side for digging out potato eyes is a bonus.

The Zena Swiss stainless steel vegetable peeler is an essential part of our kitchen drawer and we really couldn’t be without it. This is the best and original design, all imitations will work, but don’t expect them to be of equal quality to this peeler. This is the ORIGINAL.

But don’t take my word  for how good it is! Until the1st of July you can get the Zena Swiss made stainless steel vegetable peeler for the bargain price of £4.99 instead of the RRP of £6.99 AND we will also give you a garlic peeler free!

Once you have tried it you won’t look back!

£4.99 + FREE Garlic Peeler until the 1st of July