After Turkey Day: Turkey broth

Turkey Broth Recipie - Simple!November in the US is when the expats practice cooking their turkeys. Thanksgiving is easily one of the biggest American holidays and Trader Joe’s becomes a living nightmare on the eve before as shoppers fill the narrow aisles with trolleys piled high with deliciousness. 

However when the day is over, and only the turkey carcass remains, the question arises as to what to do next. Soup? A broth? A good friend of mine, Mr T. Busser, placed a recipe online which I just had to share with you all as the resulting Turkey broth almost radiated off the webpage. 

So here it is, with no frills attached - the perfect way to use your turkey carcass and a good base for chicken soup as well. 

Simple Turkey Broth to Die For: 

- First, break the carcass down a bit, put it in a big pot along with all the bones, bits of charred skin, and the gooey bits of meat... 

- Cover with water and get it to boiling point for few minutes. 

- Reduce the temperature so it barely bubbles every now and then 

- Then add: two shallots cut in half, a bit of garlic (crushed in our garlic crusher I gave him!), herbes de provence, thyme, two bay leaves, pepper, ground coriander, parsley. (you can add also add a branch of celery and carrots.) 

- Cover and let it slowly simmer for five hours or more. 

- Filter the broth when serving - garnish with parsley if desired and have a little baguette to hand to dip as needed. 

- Eat 

- Die from foodgasm.