News on the oyster clamp: The Wheelhouse in Falmouth

Oyster Clamp

We visited our favourite restaurant last Friday, , in Falmouth (01326 318050). It’s run by a delightful couple, Tina & Matt, who offer a simple menu of really fresh local shellfish served in cataplanas. 

It’s the place to go if, like us, you love lobster, crab, prawns mussels, oysters etc., served simply but with great style. 

An aspect that my husband Vin really likes is that the value is exceptionally good. You can really eat well for a modest sum.


When we called to book Matt asked if we could bring along another oyster clamp (we’ve already supplied him with one). Bearing in mind that these guys are professionals - opening literally dozens of oysters a day in the season, Matt said the clamp had made a huge difference in the kitchen, making the process a lot quicker and safer. We think this is a brilliant testimony to the clamp and knife set.


The oyster season will come to an end soon, not recommencing until the onset of autumn, so we are offering an out of season discount on the oyster clamp of approximately 20%. It’s a great present for the gourmet/cook who has everything else already!