The Return of the Street Food Market: A Review

 Recently, I was lucky enough to visit the Street Food Market outside the Royal Festival Hall in London - All day Friday, Saturday & Sunday - and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and availability of the food offers. The market itself is an enjoyable jaunt, featuring different cultures' delicacies as a main aspect. 

One of my favourite explorations was of the Portuguese Charcuterie counter, Black Acorn, who offer a delightful Chorizo and rocket sandwich, and whom also sell wonderful charcuterie cuts similar to that of Spanish Serrano Ham - also possibly similar in taste. The market doesn't stop at savoury treats, there are also bakers' stalls and freshly prepared fruit drinks available for purchase.

As well as food ready to purchase, many of the vendors offer you a chance to sample the quality and brilliant taste of their produce. 

Our verdict? 

Fun for all the family - and most likely better and more healthy for yourself and your wallet than splashing out on over exaggerated fine dining when out for a day in London.


Take a chance on it this weekend!