Vacuum Food Sealer Sale - £4.99 for a limited time!

The weather is heating up - well when we aren't having down pours of rain! So it's time to help prepare you for the summer to come. Oh wait, is this it? 

Jokes aside whatever the time of year the cooking never stops in our family. Vin is working hard in the office from early until late, but no matter what time he comes back, if the family is around he cooks. Food is incredibly important to us and when we go on holiday, the days are planned around the meals. If we have some left over we end up torn between saving it for lunch the next day, or freezing it for my Uncle to have at a later point. When you are freezing it, the solution is easy. Bag it! But what about when you just want to hold it until the next day? Cling film seems the obvious go to.

The problem with clingfilm is that it cannot be recycled and is almost impossible to reuse. Once in the landfill, clingfilm can be damaging to wildlife and remains in the environment for hundreds of years. It is also rumoured to leak plasticisers into food too.

The Vacuum Food Sealer is a brilliant alternative to cling film. Such an obviously brilliant idea for preserving food, we could hardly believe no one had thought of it before!

Using your own containers and a Vacuum Food Sealer lid you can simply seal your food with one push of your finger. It appears environmentally friendly because it's reusable time and time again. Use it, put it in your dishwasher or wipe down, then use again. A fantastic alternative to cling film.

Here are some of its benefits:

SAVE MONEY! Since food stays fresher much longer, you can greatly reduce the amount of spoiled or stale fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, snacks, cheese and more. Disposable plastic wrap/ cling film doesn't protect food against mould, spoilage, leaks or spills.

SAVE TIME! With just the push of your finger and a Vacuum Food Sealer, you are able to seal any food in its original bowls cans jars cups and more, saving you the time you used to spend transferring food to other containers and finding the right lids.

SIMPLIFY LIFE! Safe in fridge, freezer – simply wash Vacuum Food Sealer lids in a dishwasher or by hand.

AVOID MESS! The Vacuum Food Sealer lets you rest easy with strong, leak–proof seals that keep liquids and food secure, so you never have to fuss with flimsy, disposable plastic wrap again.

SAVE SPACE! Vacuum Food Sealers enable you to stack any dishes–large or small, square or round–neatly in your refrigerator or pantry.

Vacuum Food Sealers are sold as a 4 piece boxed set for a limited time we have reduced the price of the vacuum food sealer set to £4.99. That is less than half price! Below find a nice little video we found of the Vacuum Food Sealers in action! Ours is coming soon!

Below find a nice little video we found of the Vacuum Food Sealers in action! Our video is coming soon!