About Us

Marylin and Lulu

The Cook Shop Online is a family business.It was started through a shared feeling that although there were many kitchen gadgets and tools on the market, many had not been tested thoroughly to meet kitchen standards never mind industry ones. Often function had been ignored or sidelined for aesthetics.

The Cook Shop Online began as two kitchenware and furniture designers attending home wares shows and seeing products which were great for the home and the environment but that many companies were unprepared to take risks on, so they never reached a wider audience.

Out of a love of cooking and all the things that go with it -  tools, equipment, recipes, travel, wine and friendships - Vin, Marilyn and Lucinda Parker Roberts decided to take a risk and began to import The Cook Shop Online's Best Seller - the bread knife.

Marilyn Parker Roberts is the founder of The Cook Shop Online and lives to eat and drink. The family share a passion for food and design which has led to the acquiring of a variety of interesting items over the years.

Company Statement:

From Marilyn:

Outside work, our great interests are food and wine. Most evenings find Vin & me in the kitchen. He prepares the dinner while I try to help by pouring him a glass of wine!

This love of preparing and enjoying good food has led us to become fascinated by culinary equipment.

Our kitchen, not surprisingly, is full of it. Not all of this equipment fulfils its promise. A lot of it stays in the drawer. However, some items get used many times a day, every day of the week. The bread knife is one such item.

It’s this realisation that has led us to create The Cook Shop Online on which we intend to offer the ‘really useful’ items of equipment to fellow enthusiasts.