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Welcome to the Cook Shop Online. We have set our website up with the specific purpose of offering unique, interesting and useful kitchenware that, while we find them indispensable, are not generally available on the retail market. 

We aim to deliver the best kitchen utensils & gadgets on the market that provide clever ways of reinventing the way you cook including our American bread knife and beautifully hand made wooden oyster clamp. 

Perhaps you’re looking for a gift or present for a friend? We feel we have an exciting range, covering wine coolers, corkscrews, pineapple cutters, cheese knives and now the Bobble, a self-filtering water bottle that saves you money while it helps the environment. We feel sure you will appreciate the great range of kitchen giftware we have on offer.

We are always interested in improving our range of innovative kitchenware that really works. Please let us know if you have any favourite utensils or gadgets that perform consistently well. Don’t worry if it’s old or out of production; if it’s good we will search for it, or if necessary even have new ones made.

The company started because we had been given an American bread knife that was so good. Although we used it many times a day, we never noticed it. However, lots of friends remarked on it and asked where we got it from, so we started a company just to import and sell it. Is it the 'best 'bread knife in the world? The profusion of buyers would suggest so!

Our range has grown over the years. The Bobble and garlic crusher were found in an American homewares exhibition, the garlic peeler was spotted in a Spanish market and the oyster clamp was a gift from a friend.

If you’re entertaining friends we have wine coolers, corkscrews, and wine bottle coasters. Not forgetting the Knork, which allows you to eat one-handed, is a boon at buffets but also an aid to the incapacitated.