The Best Wooden American bread slicer

The Best Wooden American bread slicer

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We think we have found the best way to cut bread. Our version of the best bread slicer on the market. The American slicer / Bread Slicer consists of a surgical quality stainless steel blade of very fine dimensions, held rigidly in ‘bow saw’ configuration, in an American Alder frame, crafted and shaped for comfortable and safe use.*

We love the blend of the bread slicer's cutting edge technology of the blade mated to the traditional Alder, which comes from renewable sources.

These bread knives are available for both right-hand and left-hand use - please specify when ordering.

The bread slicer's blade supplier gives a lifetime guarantee and we understand they have never had to replace one. We have used one of these slicers several times a day for over 15 years and our experience certainly supports this.

It’s still as good as the day we bought it!

*Safe Use - As with any slicer this item should be handled with caution and care as the blades are serrated.

Use - As with any slicer, if it is not operated on a completely flat surface users may have difficulty at the end of the cut. If this is the case please turn the bread on its side and continue.

Wooden Bread Slicing Knife, Right Handed - Bread Slicer & Knife With Wooden Handle - Professional Stainless Steel Bread Slicing Knife For Homemade Bread - Loaf Cutter for Residential & Commercial Use

  • OUTSTANDING CRAFTSMANSHIP: Made by professional craftsmen, this Bread Slicing Knife is made to make slicing bread while providing minimal resistance for clean cuts every time. Wooden Bread Slicer adds appeal to any counter top and kitchen. With this Bread Slicer with Wood Handle, cutting bread has never looked so good.
  • SETTING NEW STANDARDS: Why settle for anything but the best? Our Loaf Cutter for Residential use is incredibly sharp, full-tang, made from premium grade stainless steel with an ergonomic handcrafted wooden handle that helps apply even pressure. This is the Bread Slicer you need to take your bread slicing experience to the next level!
  • UNMATCHED SHARPNESS: This is the ultimate bread & baguette knife made to slice even the thickest of crusts with ease. With geometrically angled serrations you can effortlessly slice through all kinds of bread including crusty and soft bread with complete precision, comfort and maneuverability to provide the ultimate bread cutting blade.
  • DURABLE BREAD SLICER THAT LASTS: Compared an ordinary bread slicer with a plastic handle it’s easy to tell that Wooden Bread Slicing Knife will last for much longer. Made using only the finest materials and wood, this Bread Slicer & Slicing Knife For Homemade is made stainless steel for Extra Strength & Sharpness whereas the wooden construction provides Unmatched Durability to ensure long term use.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST:  At The Cook Shop Online, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority which is why we got the extra mile to acquire the finest materials and only employ experienced craftsmen to make our Wooden Bread Slicers for home and professional use. So when you buy from us you can rest assured you’re buying the best bread slicer on the market.



This is Not Just A Bread Slicer – It’s A Real Kitchen Essential

Whether it’s a small piece of bread or a large piece of bread, crusty or soft, wholemeal or white bread you can count on The Cook Shop Online’s Wooden Bread Slicer to provide the most seamless bread cutting experience.

The Perfect Bread Slicing Knife You Always Needed

Whether you like baking bread at home or bake bread commercially, you’ll need a reliable bread slicing knife that will help you cut bread in thin slices every time. Our Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife is made from the best quality materials for lasting performance and durability whereas the wooden frame is ergonomically designed to give you precision, confidence, and control. The blade is safely built into the wooden frame that allows you to provide more pressure without feeling the strain.

Why Choose Our Wooden Bread Slicer Cutter?

1. Precision forged, extremely sharp, durable and wear resistant. This high-quality stainless steel and wood is definitely what your kitchen is lacking

2. Perfectly engineered serrations and perfect balance around the bolster ensures ultra-sharp cutting with minimal wrist fatigue and incredible control

3. Made to provide a seamless bread slicing experience, this wooden frame bread cutting knife can handle all kinds of bread types thanks to the ultra-sharp serrations

4. This loaf cutter knife is as convenient to use as they come. This wooden bread slicer knife is Low Maintenance and Ease of Use as well as cutting thin slices of bread without any desperation.

5. This wooden bread slicer is aesthetically appealing and will add more class and appeal to any kitchen whether it’s residential or commercial.

With an ergonomic wooden frame for maximum durability and comfort along with an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade, this is the Bread Slicer & Knife you need!

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