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Vacuum Food Sealer

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The vacuum food sealer is such an obviously brilliant idea we could hardly believe no one had thought of it before!

Using your own containers you can simply seal your food with one push of your finger. It appears environmentally friendly because it's reusable time and time again, here are some of its benefits:

SAVE MONEY! Since food stays fresher much longer, you can greatly reduce the amount of spoiled or stale fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, snacks, cheese and more. Disposable plastic wrap doesn't protect food against mould, spoilage, leaks or spills.

SAVE TIME! With just the push of your finger, enable you to seal any food in its original bowls cans jars cups and more, saving you the time you used to spend transferring food to other containers and finding the right lids.

SIMPLIFY LIFE! Safe in fridge, freezer – simply wash them in a dishwasher or by hand.

AVOID MESS! Rest easy with strong, leak–proof seals that keep liquids and food secure, so you never have to fuss with flimsy, disposable plastic wrap again.

SAVE SPACE! Enable you to stack any dishes–large or small, square or round–neatly in your refrigerator or pantry.

Sold as a 4 piece boxed set