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Vase Whisk

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The secret of really good French dressing is a combination of good quality, fresh ingredients in the correct proportions, with the ability to emulsify the mixture just before you dress the leaves.

Salad dressings can make or break a salad, taking even simple lettuce leaves into a new world of flavours. However, for years we have struggled with making and storing them between uses. This vase whisk is the perfect combination of measuring device, whisk, storage and serving container. It opens up all sorts of opportunities for exciting dressings and marinades to be prepared quickly without fuss or mess.

As an example, here’s a recipe for a traditional French dressing that we use regularly:

Open the vase whisk and add into the bottle 1 bruised garlic clove, 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard, 2 teaspoons of sugar, ¼ teaspoon of salt. Fill the bottle up to the 150ml level with good quality virgin olive oil. Top up to just below the 200ml level with white wine vinegar. Close up the whisk and give it a good shake – you will see the mixture emulsify quickly and it is ready to serve.

While the dressing has an almost indefinite shelf life, we feel it is best used when fresh, in the first two weeks. We keep it in the fridge where it tends to coagulate, but a quick shake soon sorts this out As alternatives, try the following:

• Varying the type & amount of mustard

• Using honey in place of sugar

• Using lemon juice in place of some of the vinegar

• Red wine vinegar

• A mix of walnut & olive oil